How to open Google Play Newsstand in Geo-Blocked Countries

Google Play is an official app store for all Android devices, using which one can search through and download applications of your choice.

Google offers new services for its users – the services still has some bugs and issues for some user. So Google keeps updating their previously existing services and launches a new one to give a better service.

In recent times, Google play banner has launched a new service known as Google Play Newsstand where you can access more than 2100 free and paid magazines from all around the world.

For the same service, Google play has also launched a complete Android application that provides the same service. However, few countries are restricted to access this service. We are aware of application such as Pandora, Netflix and Amazon Prime being inaccessible as being situated outside the United States; we miss some of these popular offerings.


This newly ongoing service is available only for certain countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia only.

It’s always surprising and excited to check for a new service. Being an Indian user, I was disappointed to know that newsstand was not in the list of Google play store and there was an enormous pop-up message saying “sorry – Newsstand on Google Play Store is not available in your country yet.”

I know like me there are millions of user who are receiving the same note but not to worry, we have got a solution for this issue. We got you a simple trick with the help of that you can be able to utilize Newsstand services in your country too – whether it is available for your country or not!

How to open Google Play Newsstand in Geo-blocked Countries

The procedure How to open Google Play Newsstand in Geo-blocked Countries is very simple. Please follow the instruction below –

  1. Firstly, you have to download and install Firefox, only then you will able to access this Newsstand service on your Device. Similarly, one can use Google Chrome as well.
  2. Install Firefox extension named one click proxy IP that permits you to browse through the website by changing socks proxies and HTTP. It bypasses firewalls and blocked websites that help you to access any page or site that is locked in various countries.
  3. After installing this extension, you can just enable or disable it by clicking an icon which displays at Firefox toolbar.
  4. You can also change the proxy address within few seconds by clicking on “Change Proxy “button.

By following the simple instruction above, newsstand service is accessible in my country now.

Note – At times, the proxy doesn’t work, and Newsstand page will not open – No worries! You can just click on “Change Proxy” button and try accessing the same page again.

If you don’t want any extensions, one can also use steadfast VPN services However for VPN. You have to spend some money.


This article will surely help you out with How to Open Google Play Newsstand in Geo-Blocked Countries. If you have any questions and suggestions, we appreciate your view, so please don’t forget to leave your comments below.