Tinder vs. Bumble: Which one to Choose ?

Tinder vs. Bumble: Which one to Choose ?

Digital technology has taken the world over. We can find everything via online these days, instead of walking to a place and searching for hours. Isn’t it cool?

Technology has made our lives stress-free and fun as finding our date and wife has become so comfortable.There is many dating application available but choosing a best one is a difficult task. There is two app which is gaining more popularity Tinder and Bumble.

I know to handle both applications is tough work, so let me make it easy for you by going into detail about Tinder vs. Bumble: which one to choose.

Going out to a bar or club to meet someone special and being set up on a blind date is not going to be in your favor all the time. Let’s be Honest- we are all seeking for the one whether we wish to meet her or him in person or turn it to an online dating.

Some Men’s are shy or introverted and would rather choose to know they’re potential significant over an online dating application. Other caught up in a family matter and go with face -face dating. That’s why apps, like Tinder and Bumble, exist The Goal is to make it more convenient to find your perfect partner.

Both Tinder and Bumble permit you to swipe your way to True love, but each app differs from one another. By going in brief, you’ll get an idea which one is right for you.

#1. Tinder

It’s the most popular online dating application in the US, so if he/she is dating, they are probably on Tinder. Both men and women are seeking for a casual relationship on Tinder.


  • Most of the Tinder profile comprise of men when compare to women. You can find all types of women there from model quality to the women next door. The app is most popular among women with ages 16-35.
  • The range of people varies significantly on Tinder. You will find and meet highly successful people, individuals with no future, and the hot girl who lives in your homeland.
  • Tinder is available for both Android as well as iOS Platform. Even recently tinder on pc platform released with the name of Tinder Online.
  • Tinder doesn’t include any limit of swipe rather it provides you with unlimited right swipes, four new Super Likes and also an ability to change your location.

The only drawback is almost 75% of users live in the major urban areas, so if you are not within the dating distance of a big city, it might be little difficult for you.

Tinder is a free application.However to enjoy the full experience of Tinder you can upgrade to Tinder Plus for $9.99/month (under 30), $19.99/month. (31+).

#2. Bumble

Bumble has created as a women-friendly app, where women are serious about meeting their Mr. Perfect.The app allows the women to start the conversation first. Isn’t smart it?


  • Both Men and women profiles are relatively equal on Bumble. It includes more of marriage material candidates.
  • The only drawback is bumble’s user pool is very less compare to Tinder, so finding a life-long partner can take a long time.
  • According to Bumble founders – 60% of all matches results in a conversation.
  • Bumble is Free that also offers to upgrade at $9.99/month

A match is guaranteed in bumble with its beeline feature that limits user who has already liked you and also helps you to rematch and connect with past matches for an extra 24 hours. Busy Bee allows you to extend the 24 hr. Match window.

Final Verdict

If you have patience and looking for a person to put a ring on her/him, then bumble would be right for you. If you’re looking for fun and later decide whether to live with her forever, then Tinder offers you best experience.